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If you ever feel…

  • Like your partner never truly hears you, and resentment is building that you’re constantly accommodating their needs while yours get forgotten.
  • As though there’s a deep distance between you and your partner. Is the intimacy you once shared slipping away, leaving you feeling lost and disconnected?
  • Dread at the thought of confronting your partner, because it never seems to go well. You always end up fighting or giving each other the cold shoulder. It seems easier to just sweep issues under the carpet and hope things get better on their own.
  • Like a helpless passenger in your relationship, as though you have no control over what happens. Perhaps you’ve resigned yourself to simply accepting “what you get given” without having any input or influence over the direction of your relationship.
  • As though healthy relationships are just out of reach. No matter how hard you try, it seems like they always slip through your fingers.

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